“The energy crisis was the cause of the major wars over the last 50 years. The water crisis will be the cause of the major wars of the next 50 years. The energy crisis will be resolved by renewable energy. It’s time for Renewable Water” ~ Dave Shackleton

1. Understanding Eutrophication

“Eutrophication” comes from Greek and means “well nourished”. Nourishment is a good thing – so why is eutrophication a problem?

2. Understanding Cyanobacteria

Invasive weeds and algae are a nuisance, but cyanobacteria produce toxins that can be lethal. Cyanobacteria blooms are usually the last symptom of eutrophication to manifest.

This video explains how agile and adaptive cyanobacteria are and how adept they are at exploiting eutrophic conditions to establish a growing persistent threat to our water resources globally.

3. Understanding Why Eutrophy Solutions Fail

The “solutions” to eutrophication and toxic CyanoHABs that have been used for many years have actually been making the situation worse. To anyone who has been using them, this has become obvious.

With so much money being spent on these “solutions” is there any wonder that eutrophication and toxic CyanoHAB blooms are becoming more frequent, more intense and longer lasting every year?

This video explains the folly of these “solutions”.

4. The Difference Between Conventional Aeration & RADOR

Conventional Aeration has been used in the controlled environment of wastewater treatment tanks for a hundred years. But tank conventional aeration technology cannot be transferred and effective across many acres and much greater depth in a lake, dam or reservoir.

The difference that makes the difference is outcomes. The outcome of conventional aeration is typically the need to resort to chemical treatments, which make eutrophication worse.

This video explains the difference between the outcomes of RADOR aeration technology and the outcomes of conventional aeration (which can be readily discovered with a few simple searches on the internet).

5. The Evidence You Need To See

By understanding eutrophication and how cyanobacteria are able to exploit eutrophication to dominate nutrient uptake and bloom, you can ensure that you are not confused and misled by pseudoscience and persuasive sales talk.

This video details the evidence that you need to see to be sure that you make a smart decision and spend your money wisely.

6. The Eutrophy Solution in Action

Whatever particular symptom of eutrophication has your attention, treating that symptom will not reverse eutrophication or prevent toxic cyanobacteria blooms being the eventual focus of your attention.

Although you may not realize it, every symptom is already present to some degree and an effective solution will address every symptom. That’s because of the systemic nature of eutrophication.

So in selecting a solution you must demand to see evidence that it can address every symptom not just a few selected ones.

This video explains.

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