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Our lakes are getting sicker and sicker, everywhere, every year. Despite a fortune being spent on trying to restore them to health, they keep getting worse. Lakes get shut for recreational use, dogs die from toxic Harmful Algae Blooms (HABs), property prices take a big hit, taxes go up to pay for treatments, consultants are paid to do studies, and treatments are applied that cost more and more each year.


We are a diverse team of scientists, engineers, and innovators. We adopt a “first principles” approach to problem-solving and are ambitious enough to tackle big problems.

Our roots go back 40 years when the first insights and innovations that underpin our solutions began in Australia and the USA. The first real sprouts began to show 15 years ago when what are now our Australian and our USA teams first began to collaborate and integrate their concepts, insights, and technologies.

We first began to blossom about a decade ago by delivering results in water quality management which were previously unachievable. We have delivered solutions in the most extreme situations. Projects that no one else would even consider tackling, we have resolved.

In Europe, Africa, the USA, Asia, and Australia, we have delivered solutions to water quality management in wastewater treatment of all kinds (municipal, livestock, industrial) and in eutrophic lakes, dams, and reservoirs of all size and depth.

Our track record and reputation mean that we are now recognized as the leaders in developing and delivering Integrated Water Resource Management platforms for Renewable Water.

We are the only Solution Provider in the world able to offer Consulting, Solution Design, Technology, Manufacturing, Installation, Commissioning, Service, Maintenance & Support for Integrated Water Resource Management for Renewable Water.

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